´╗┐´╗┐Choosing the Best Camera for Bird Photography

The camera you use for photographing birds is very important. It may be the photographer who makes the pictures but without a good camera, even the most beautiful scene won’t look right. But which camera to choose? And what to look for when comparing the offer? How many pixels the camera should have? How important are the lenses? These are only a few of many questions most people face when selecting a camera for their new hobby. We have therefore decided to take a look at some of the most important things to look for when choosing camera for bird photography.

Lens. Most bird photographers say the lens are one of the most important aspects of bird photography from the technical point of view. In fact, many say the lens are even more important than the camera itself. And they are probably right because bird photography is about capturing the birds as close as possible and as many details as possible. And since it is impossible to get particularly near to birds, bird photography depends nearly exclusively on zooming. A camera for bird photography should have at least 200mm lens.

Megapixels. They are actually not as important as they may seem at a first glance. Not that megapixels don’t play an important role in quality of photos but you don’t really need 20 MP if you don’t plan to print huge photos. 12 MP are enough for normally sized bird photos.

Shutter speed. This is another thing that plays an important role in bird photography because birds are almost always shot in movement. Without high shutter speed, there is a great chance that the photos will be blurred. Look for cameras with shutter speed of at least 1/1000.

Frames per second (fps). Birds won’t wait for you to capture them in perfect pose. Bird photographers therefore simply shoot as many pictures as possible and hope to get at least one sharp photo. For that reason it is crucial for the camera to be able to take as many photos in rapid succession as possible. And this is where frames per second (fps) steps in. Obviously, the higher the number of fps the better. Look for a camera with at least 5 fps.

Autofocus. For sharp photos of birds in action, the camera needs to have a fast yet accurate autofocus system. But how do you know that autofocus is both fast and accurate? Unfortunately, this is where the price and brand usually play the key role. Generally, the pricier cameras have more sophisticated autofocus systems than the inexpensive ones.

ISO speed. Lower ISO speed is actually more desirable in photography but bird photography typically requires higher ISO speed in order to get proper sharpness. Look for a camera with the ability to set ISO on 800 to 1600.