Common Beginner Bird Photographer’s Mistakes

It takes some time to become a skilful bird photographer and it is completely normal to make mistakes. But if you know the common beginner bird photographer’s mistakes, you can save a great deal of time you would waste for figuring them out yourself.

Some of the most common beginner bird photographer’s mistakes include:

Trying to get just a little bit closer. Birds don’t know that you don’t mean harm. They tolerate human presence to a certain degree but if you move too close, they will fly or run away. It is very difficult to determine how close they will let you and given that they can both see and hear a lot better than humans, you won’t stay unnoticed for long. Rather than trying to get just a little bit closer, let your camera to the magic.

Waiting for the perfect moment. Birds are extremely unpredictable and it is nearly impossible to capture them in the perfect moment. Instead of waiting for a suitable position, shoot. As many times as possible because before you know it, the bird may fly away.

Not knowing to use the camera properly. Sophisticated cameras that are used for bird photography require some practice to be able to take full advantage of them. For that reason it is recommended to practice a few days at home or park to learn to handle the camera and get a feeling for photographing birds.

Not checking the weather forecast. Birds don’t like rain any more than humans. Waiting out in the rain for a bird to show up is therefore only a waste of time, not to mention extremely uncomfortable.

Failing to do their “homework”. Finding particular bird species often requires lots of research on both habitat and behaviour. A photographer who doesn’t know where to look for particular species or during which part of the day they are most active is highly unlikely to find them and much less make good photos.

Not taking water and food along. Bird photographing is a long process. Firstly, it is necessary to arrive to the location where birds are most likely to be seen and then, they need to be captured on camera in the perfect moment. And this process can take hours or even the entire day. The essential equipment for bird photography should therefore also include food and water.

Expecting too much. It is difficult not to get frustrated after failing to photograph or even find the bird you are looking for. But it is important to keep in mind that even the most experienced photographers don’t return with hundreds of photos from every trip. So don’t expect too much and remember that bird photography is supposed to be fun and relaxing.