Photographing Birds in Your Garden

Garden is a good place to photograph birds. It enables you to study their behaviour and favourite places which in turn gives you a great opportunity to make gorgeous bird photos. If your garden is already bird-friendly and you know for certain that it is visited by many different bird species, you can get to work right away. But if you don’t see as many birds as you would like to, you should perhaps consider changes/additions to your garden to attract birds to it.

Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Fortunately, birds are not difficult to attract. They usually come all by themselves but many species need a little bit of encouragement. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to turn your garden into a bird sanctuary overnight and it may take a while before you will finally be able to capture them while flying, resting on a tree bench or feeding.

Different bird species have different preferences when it comes to plants. So before you make any changes or additions to your garden, you should first study your local birds and their preferences if you want your garden to be visited by a variety of species. But besides planting the right plants, you are also recommended to make your garden wildlife friendly as a whole and try not to make it too “clean” in terms of pests. The thing is that it is often the pests such as aphids that attract the birds rather than the plants. If you want your garden to become a heaven for birds, you actually need these pests. In limited amounts, of course.

Studying your local birds is an imperative if you want to make photographing birds in your garden an enjoying experience. But there are a few things that will be appreciated by all species and should be placed in your garden as soon as possible. Bird bath is one of such things that will have an immediate effect. In addition, it will give your garden an additional appeal. Just be sure to place it away from cats’ reach if you or your neighbours have any and change the water on a regular basis. Bird feeder is another thing that will attract lots of birds to your garden all year round. Again, it is crucial to make sure that it cannot be reached by cats and other predators. Another good idea is to build or buy a nest box. But don’t expect for a bird couple to move in the next day.

Making Great Photos of Birds in Your Garden

Obviously, you need a camera to make photos of birds in your garden. “Home ground” gives you a huge advantage because it enables you to determine the bird’s favourite places. But in order to be able to make great photos, you need to keep your distance. Therefore it is of key importance to choose a camera with quality zoom and high shutter speed. Birds are extremely fast in everything they do and to make a great photo, your camera needs to “freeze” the action.